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Say Hello to Our Powerful Patients

For over 113 years, children have been coming through the doors of Luskin Orthopaedic Institute for Children. Each child has their own unique, courageous story to tell, and it’s been our honor to be a part of their powerful and heroic journeys. By supporting our Stand for Kids Gala, you help ensure that we have more stories to tell. Here are a few patients who’d like to share their experience with you.

LuskinOIC Story Highlights


Lunely was born with arthrogryposis, a rare condition that left her with limitations in her arms, deformities in her knees, and severe clubfoot. At just 3 years old, Lunely came to LuskinOIC and was appointed to Dr. Scaduto and Dr. Silva. Under their expert care, Lunely underwent multiple surgeries and did bilateral casting (23 hours a day) for several weeks. Because of the exceptional care offered at LuskinOIC, Lunely is now starting to mobilize with the help of a walker and has gained some independence.


Mateo a kindergarten student, has been an International Children’s Program patient at LuskinOIC for just over one year. His first surgery, aimed to correct a leg deformity, was performed in January 2023 by LuskinOIC CEO, Dr. Tony Scaduto. Dr. Scaduto, to ensure that Mateo continues to grow well, will monitor Mateo’s correction closely. Now in a remarkable recovery process, Mateo serves as an inspiration for others facing adversity; he loves talking, hugging, and sharing. Because he tends to finish his classwork very quickly, his teacher asks him to help his classmates. He loves it!


Valentina was born with multiple deformities in her feet and spine and had some neurological problems. Living in Mexico, obtaining the care she needed was very difficult. Luckily for her, her family found the International Children’s Program at LuskinOIC. At the age of 2 years old, she was able to receive evaluation and begin treatment in our clubfoot clinic for her bilateral feet deformity, and in our scoliosis clinic for her curved spine. The first order of business for her treatment plan included 2 surgeries for her foot deformity, which significantly facilitated her mobility. She has recently started her scoliosis treatment. With the help of LuskinOIC, Valentina’s dream of becoming a veterinarian, as well as one day visiting New York, can truly happen.


Alysson has been an International Children’s Program (ICP) patient for eight years. Ali and her family live in San Felipe, Mexico – a port a village on the coast of Baja (where the food is very good!) Her dad is a fisherman for a living. At age two, mom and dad noticed a “deformity forming” in Alysson’s back, and mom took Ali to Mexicali for a consultation; doctors there prescribed a back brace, which was very expensive, and the family could not afford it. Through friends, they found LuskinOIC’s ICP. Twice a year, for six years, she travelled to LuskinOIC Downtown so our doctors could follow her spine deformity progression. In October 2022, due to rapid development resulting in changes in the spine that caused significant pain, Dr. Bowen elected to perform surgery. The surgery has been a life-changing event. Ali is no longer hunched over, and she no longer feels pain. There is evident correction of the spine and her mom shares that Alysson feels more confident in life, and particularly in school. Alysson admits that she now loves to be in the spotlight! Having started dance classes at school, she was a star in the fall recital featuring a zombie dance to the tune of the hit tune, “Thriller!”

Patient ambassador-5

Ramses was born with a limb deficiency in his left arm. After years of searching for an expert provider, his family learned about LuskinOIC from a cousin living in El Centro, CA. Through our International Children’s Program (ICP), Ramses received treatment in our Border Clinic in Mexicali, and he was immediately referred to our CEO, Dr. Anthony Scaduto. His mom said Ramses was afraid of starting kindergarten because his arm looks so different from other kids’ arms. However, his classmates welcomed him graciously, and he is a class leader now. He enjoys playing with action figures, especially Marvel superheroes. He loves to remove and switch the arms on the action figures. Mom says that Ramses believes that his new arm will look like a superhero’s arm.

Patient ambassador-3

Ivanna was born with severe scoliosis. Her spine had a 130-degree curvature. At the age of three, Ivanna’s parents sought out medical help to give her a chance for a better life. After being told that there was nothing that doctors could do, Ivanna’s parents found LuskinOIC and our International Children’s Program, and made their way from their hometown of Mexicali, Mexico to our Downtown campus and Dr. Anthony Scaduto. She has received many years of treatment and rehab care at LuskinOIC, to include a customized halo that is inserted into the skull to center her neck and hips, as well as scoliosis surgery with two expandable rods placed in her back. While in her halo almost 15 hours a day, Ivanna strides through, calling it her “princess crown.” She is grateful for the opportunity to enjoy a better quality of life.

All these kids have depended on the expert care provided by our physicians and staff. Their lives, and their futures have been molded and changed, for good, because of LuskinOIC. And by supporting the LuskinOIC Stand for Kids Gala, hundreds of more children’s lives will be impacted thanks to your generosity.

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